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7 Things We Need to Do to be Different from the Crowd

There's a principle that you can only achieve differently if you'll start to do things differently. Thus, evaluate your strategies, for example, in your business the past twelve months and the goals you did touch through them. Or, with regard to your dealings with your superiors if you're an employee: how far have you established good relationship in your work place? How's your leadership in your own family?

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great love for ourselves

Great Love for Ourselves Less Love for Our God

The real problem in this life is our great love for ourselves. As such, we tend to attribute all our laurels to no one but ourselves. God, in our natural experience, seems to be just another Grandpa in our trying times. We don’t see some big deal with Him. We don’t give God the honor and glory due Him as our Heavenly Father and Creator. Our mind and heart are all focused on ourselves, on our money, job, or our relationships. Even in our deathbed, we tend to call God only as an Emergency Assistant. We all have the great...

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financial education

Financial Education Improves Economy

Ten lottery winners were studied and found out that they were unprepared for success and wealth. Hence, we badly need a little financial education. For all of these winners returned to poverty naturally, since the large sum of money they won corrupted them. "Daydreams of a millionaire lifestyle," wrote someone, "seem to have a habit of turning sour faster than a sub-prime mortgage–-isolation, paranoia, drugs, crime,

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crab mentality

Crab Mentality, Or the Culture of Pulling Down

One black American friend of mine told me that his problem is the "crab mentality" of his relatives. I think this problem is true in all cultures, for it stems from our nature to be envious and covetous or our nature to love what's not ours. Like crabs, we tend to pull down to our level anyone who will rise above us from among our clan members. As a family, we want our relative who's richer than we are to help us and pull us out from  where we are.

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People Becoming the Object of Fear

People Becoming the Object of Fear Not Love

Then in the course of driving during the night, in the middle of nowhere, around 70 kilometers away from one big city, I noticed the seemingly endless thread of cars and cargo trucks. After running at full speed, all of them slowed down suddenly and then stopped as if there was something wrong some meters away. Curious, I stepped out of my car and inquired from the anxious drivers and bystanders who told me that the road couldn’t be passable as of the moment due to the overflowing flood water from the nearby river.

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