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Seed of the Woman Who Gave us Truth, Hope & a Future

God’s love is the message of true Christianity, and it is beautifully woven into the story of the Seed of the woman. The Holy Bible tells us the big story about this Seed. It begins with our Father God creating all things in heaven and on earth out of nothing. He embellished the boundless expanse of the universe with stars and galaxies. Through His powers, the void and formless earth then saw the shining sun as the clouds dressed the skies. He created life which then brought many things to the earth such as the music of nature during the...

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Truly Happy and Peaceful in this Life?

The problem with most rich people starts when money becomes their god---their source of power and protection. Most of them live life in turmoil and confusion. They are not truly happy and peaceful in life. God said that He will add no sorrows to your wealth only if you believe it as God's blessing to you. "It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it," says Proverbs. Without faith that God owns everything, then we could never be happy in this life.

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Strange Thoughts Misunderstanding Love

Funny or strange thoughts about love continue to come and go like unwanted visitors of many <a href="">healthy relationships</a>. Have you heard about the so-called "5 Bs" that a man must require from a woman before deciding to marry her? I was a high schooler when I first heard some strange thoughts about love. They said that the ideal woman has "5 Bs," the acronym for 1) Beauty; 2) Brain; 3) Background; 4) Behavior; and 5) Bank Book.

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Understanding Erotic Love—A Key Relationship Builder

There are four types of love: 1) Philia or close friendship or brotherly love (Romans 12:10); 2) Agape or selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love (e.g. Christ's love - John 14:21); 3) Eros (erotic) or physical and sensual love, e.g., between husband and wife (1 Corinthians 7:8-9; 4) Storge or family love (Exodus 20:12). Understanding erotic love is a key relationship builder. In this article, I want to explore on erotic or eros love.

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