Faith Life: I Trust in Him

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Updated on June 8th, 2022

My faith life for over 30 years now explains who I am. It is about complete dependence upon Christ in everything. Sad that out of a thousand (honestly, I don’t have the exact figure, perhaps out of every 10,000) people globally, only a very few, even just one, have experienced the Magdalene-type of conversion to real Christianity. Our Lord metamorphosed me since 1984—and that’s all about me for now and until the last hour of my sojourn. It’s my faith life that spins around my God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Molded by My Faith Life

I love my name but prefer to be called Jun P. Espina instead, for reasons of brevity. A.B. in Political Science and M. A. in School Administration, I left the academe as a college instructor to become self-employed. Became a Bible believer, I had been active since then with our Lord’s ministries in many ways. All that had happened to me in my daily journey I named as my faith life.

faith lifeIn 1990, a Baptist Church ordained me as a pastor. After three years as a Baptist pastor, I went independent and started a radio and local TV ministry. I wrote a book in 2004 titled “Strengthened by This Verse,” which is now posted on the pages of this site: In 2015, I published my book, Real Peace at Home. Later, I expanded the content and changed the title to “The Biblical Blueprint to Keep the Family.”

Born in 1957, I live in Davao City, Philippines, together with my beloved family, my wife Virgie, and three children: Bap, Joanan, and Dodai.

I can Do Many Things Because of God

As a part of my faith life, I am interested in many things. I believe I can do many things because of God. I love to paint and compose a song. I also love to write, to design a piece of furniture, to write a computer program, or to preach the Gospel. I also authored the following books so far:

TITLE: Overcoming Adversities by the Power of God.

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¤ Paperback ($13.99) LINK

TITLE: The Biblical Blueprint to Keep the Family.

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TITLE: Pentecostalism, Its Theology & the Charismatic Chaos Revisited.

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TITLE: Christian Teachings Revisited.

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TITLE: Born Again Christ’s Version.

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(I have a dozen of short stories and a novella that are still unpublished.)

My Faith Life and the Holy Bible

But what gives me more meaning in life is the Holy Bible and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. My faith life is all the wealth I have that is truly mine even beyond this world. Joyful Edge is my “author’s website.”

I share the apostle Paul’s conviction (as a real Christian) that “to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Phil. 1:21)

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. (Jer. 29:11, NASB)


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A former educator, Jun P. Espina is a family man, author, blogger, painter, Bible believer, preacher, a lover of books—passionate about many things. He believes life is good when fed constantly with the biblical truth that is wiser than what most people think. Find him on Facebook,Twitter,or at

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