The Biblical Blueprint to Keep the Family: Saving the Family from Radical Leftism

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Written on June 12, 2021

This book deals with the family institution and how the Globalists—the Illuminati, the United Nations, the Communists, the leftist liberals, and other secret Luciferian societies—work to abolish it. Trusted references are well documented in this work. The topic is tough but the Internet laid it open fully. All we need is to follow closely the progress of wokeism in the U.S. and the Western World to understand radical leftism and the abolition of the family.

What is Wokeism?

According to Wokeism, the Woke Encyclopedia, “Wokeism is a full-on attack on Western Society. It rewrites history in order to confuse and inspire the destruction of the West. This virus is infecting every part of society. From children’s schools to the Government. It is everywhere and is now threatening to end freedom of speech and thought. It has become impossible to speak out without fear of career-death and possible physical harm.”1

Part of the Wokeism Religion is the abolition of the family.

Wrote Tim Hains concerning the Woke Movement:

Their main conclusion: It was not all about economists, as Marx had argued. In reality, the proletariat were held back by other forces that destroyed their class consciousness. These other forces, not just capitalism, were standing in the way of the worldwide communist revolution. And what were they? The philosophers of the Frankfurt School concluded that it came down to three, in particular: family, religion, and culture.2

biblical-blueprint-keep-familyHow does wokeism work like a religious conviction? One company, for example, terminated a famous boxer’s endorsement of its products after the latter commented that homosexuality is not even practiced among the lower animals. Wokeism pretends to champion the cause of the oppressed. They believed the black people, the LGBTQ, the non-church families are the oppressed in society. To silence conservative voices against the same-sex union, for example, the woke people won’t listen to any civilized and rational discussion. They will just bang their gavel against the conservatives with their united “homophobe” and “transphobe” charges.

Have you heard of people accusing other people as “racist, sexist, Nazi, White Supremacist, islamophobic, intolerant, bigot,” etc. — these are the vocabulary from the woke community.

One outrageous attack by the woke movement was the silencing of former President Trump from the social media platforms. You can easily see their power. Think about the leftist CNN and the MSM of the world. Think about the students and their professors, the Democrats, the powerful politicians, and the corporations joining hands to impose their woke ideology. It is the picture of how the woke religion can break into pieces conservatism, the family, faith in God, and Christian morality.

We can see the hand of wokeism already gripping the neck of the family institution with the government’s support for abortion, single parenthood, the education of the young, the rise of feminism, and countercultures as the porn-is-art campaign, etc. that can make the family meaningless.

Love Preserves the Family

biblical-blueprint-keep-familyWe find the following paragraphs from chapter nine of the book relevant:

Both Karl Marx and Engels suggest that the strong family enables the perpetuation of Capitalism. The successful capitalist will leave his wealth to his children and this hereditary structure can only perpetuate the oppression of the working class, the proletariat, by the Bourgeoisie or the rich controlling the production of goods.
This ideology of destroying the family is best exemplified by China in her treatment of the Uigurs as reported in newspapers. Lenin also said, “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”
What the Communists cannot understand is that each person is wired by God with family love. To the spouses, the Bible said, they are one flesh. The children also must obey their parents in the Lord.
It is the biblical charge no one can defy. Our conscience tells it is the truth. The parents’ love and the children’s obedience are simply instinctive in the familial context.

The Americans are seeing the leftist liberal Democrats supporting divorce, abortion, and the complete control of the children by the government. The goal is the same: to gain complete political control by growing a generation of unstable and weak people.

The family, as an institution, must be abolished, said the communists.
The attack on the family institution may work for a little while, but no ideology can kill humanity’s instinct to love and support the family.
Marx’s “abolition of the family” is a myth because it is contrary to nature. Satan is behind it since Christ said, “The thief [the devil] comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” (John 10:10)

This book covers courtship, love, marriage, compatibility, a marital relationship, child-rearing, radical leftism, and other relevant topics affecting the family. Parenting, family finances, the husband’s love, among other interesting subjects are discussed in this paper from the biblical perspective.

This material works well with all levels of male-and-female love and marital partnership.

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1 (accessed June 12, 2021)
2Tim Hains. “Steve Hilton: ‘Wokeism’ Is The Biggest Threat To America.”! (accessed June 12, 2021)

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