christian holy week observance

Christian Holy Week Observance Examined Biblically

One significant question is that if we are real born-again Christians, do we need to celebrate or observe the Holy Week? In just a mouse click away, we could google dozens of the list of religious holidays (or holydays?) The Jewish religion, Islam, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventism, among other religious groups observe "holidays requiring absence from work beyond existing Statutory Holidays." What is the meaning of the Christian Holy Week observance among the Catholics and other Christians denominations?

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grace plus faith in christ

Christian Prayer Gives Delight to God

On TV, we see Muslim radicals praying before launching an attack. This kind of praying in the spirit of killing will not give joy to the only true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God of Moses---the God of the Holy Bible, who is the Father of Christ! This prayerfulness is an ABOMINATION to the Lord. Observe the first part of the verse: "The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD..." It is no surprise to us that even the priests and "pastors" of the Christian faith may have made abominable prayers to God, for...

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poverty toward god

Poverty Toward God is Great Tragedy

What is the greatest form of poverty in this life? Poor pocket? Poor health? Poor relationship? NO! When cancer or accident comes to kill, Christ would say: "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee...[but] you are not rich toward God." In Luke 12:20-21, Christ taught about poverty toward God.

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trials exalt

Trials Exalt Christ in Your Life

One woman constructed a room in her house for Prophet Elisha to lodge in. She was rich and childless. Then the Prophet prayed over that she would have a son... then the child died, but lived again by Elisha's prayer.

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good parents

Good Parents Who are They—Their Teachings?

Good parents are rare, for good children are rare. This thought is very debatable, for the evil in children is sometimes learned from the evil that is in their parents. But how to be good parents? I believe there are tons of brilliant ideas concerning good parenthood out there, but I just would want to focus on three things.

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