one important life principle needed

One Important Life Principle Needed

One important life principle to find fulfillment and joy that have caused me a bit of time reflecting on is the so-called law of attraction. Is it true that the only way to get everything is to give everything? The most hospitable place where almost all are given for free (at least on the surface) is the Internet.

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crab mentality

Crab Mentality, Or the Culture of Pulling Down

One black American friend of mine told me that his problem is the "crab mentality" of his relatives. I think this problem is true in all cultures, for it stems from our nature to be envious and covetous or our nature to love what's not ours. Like crabs, we tend to pull down to our level anyone who will rise above us from among our clan members. As a family, we want our relative who's richer than we are to help us and pull us out from  where we are.

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merciful god

Merciful God Versus Human Arrogance and Fearlessness

Merciful God versus human arrogance and self-glorification. The atheists don't include faith in their intellectual and emotional menu, for the beauty of reason and science are the ones governing and adorning their mindset. I had a casual acquaintance with atheists, and I know that even cancer or heart attack or any form of death-threat cannot change their anti-God views. But for us at the other side of the road, we need to be fearful to our merciful God.

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