black nazarene

Black Nazarene Symbolizing the Common Filipinos’ Catholicism and Devotion

How is one piece of wood, the so-called Black Narazene, making both news and history every January of each year in the Philippines since Catholic “devotees” worshiped it as a miraculous idol for hundreds of years? The Black Nazarene symbolizes the ordinary Filipinos' Catholicism and devotion to a god made of wood. "Not at all," protested the learned academicians and intellectuals who were into the Black Nazarene worship, too. It is how deep the Black Nazarene cult has permeated into the matrix of the Filipino faith system for over 200 years.

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crab mentality

Crab Mentality, Or the Culture of Pulling Down

One black American friend of mine told me that his problem is the "crab mentality" of his relatives. I think this problem is true in all cultures, for it stems from our nature to be envious and covetous or our nature to love what's not ours. Like crabs, we tend to pull down to our level anyone who will rise above us from among our clan members. As a family, we want our relative who's richer than we are to help us and pull us out from  where we are.

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pride scrutinized viewed positively

Pride Scrutinized and Viewed Positively

There is a kind of pride that’s necessary to maintain one’s sanity and sense of self-respect. An unfortunate but very smart woman married a moneyed but wild man. Her in-laws were cold, always despising her poverty for long years until she lived independently, far away from the deck of her husband’s abundance.

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