trusting god sincerely

Trusting God Sincerely & Taking Refuge in Him

In Psalm 34:8, we find God continually inviting us to His boundless love and grace. "O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" Making God your shelter in this life has an added incentive of <b>blessedness</b>. The "Lord is good" if you will just decide to "taste and see" the experience. Sincerely trusting God and taking refuge in Him by faith open the door of Heaven's blessings. This inwardness we venture to call as faith experience only starts to develop after hearing and meditating upon God's blessed promises. "For...

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seed woman prophecy jesus christ

Seed of the Woman Who Gave us Truth, Hope & a Future

God’s love is the message of true Christianity, and it is beautifully woven into the story of the Seed of the woman. The Holy Bible tells us the big story about this Seed. It begins with our Father God creating all things in heaven and on earth out of nothing. He embellished the boundless expanse of the universe with stars and galaxies. Through His powers, the void and formless earth then saw the shining sun as the clouds dressed the skies. He created life which then brought many things to the earth such as the music of nature during the...

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god owns everything except decision live heaven

God Owns Everything Except Our Decision to Live in Heaven

Where is the Arrogance About Life When God Owns Everything? At the prime of his life, age 36, a friend of mine died of heart attack. Very healthy and robust, but his heart failed him one day during a party. Yes, the first symptom of a heart attack is death, the number one killer disease. […]

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merciful god

Merciful God Versus Human Arrogance and Fearlessness

Merciful God versus human arrogance and self-glorification. The atheists don't include faith in their intellectual and emotional menu, for the beauty of reason and science are the ones governing and adorning their mindset. I had a casual acquaintance with atheists, and I know that even cancer or heart attack or any form of death-threat cannot change their anti-God views. But for us at the other side of the road, we need to be fearful to our merciful God.

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involve god everyday life
responsibility redefined

Responsibility Redefined, Humanized—Becoming Subjective

How do you define the word responsibility? It is, says the dictionary, a "form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct." It is a social force that requires respect and obedience. But, is a sense of responsibility now vanishing in the sphere of politics by the dishonesty and corruption of most politicians; of religion by the dollar mentality of many religious leaders; of the family by the parents' neglect of their children? Responsibility redefined loses its objective meaning. We, therefore, need our sense of trustworthiness to be always in harmony...

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