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7 Things We Need to Do to be Different from the Crowd

There's a principle that you can only achieve differently if you'll start to do things differently. Thus, evaluate your strategies, for example, in your business the past twelve months and the goals you did touch through them. Or, with regard to your dealings with your superiors if you're an employee: how far have you established good relationship in your work place? How's your leadership in your own family?

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valentine's day advantages

Valentine’s Day Advantages & Disadvantages

Valentine's Day Advantages. Saint Valentine was a Catholic priest solemnizing marriages in secret, Christianity being still in its infancy and persecuted by the Roman Government. It happened in the 3rd Century under the Roman Emperor Claudius II (or so the legend goes). What is more important for us at the moment is the advantages of including (and celebrating) Valentine's Day in the lineup of our culture in its romantic context.

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Spiritual Rebirth

Spiritual Birth Or Christ’s Spirit’s Indwelling

We desire God only as our last option or until things go unusually wrong. It is our natural tilt to always trust in ourselves even though we know our potent limitations. Our nature is to crawl away from our life Source just like the sprouting bamboos orbiting away from the mother tree. Complete dependence upon our Creator cannot be our path. Christ invited us all to "seek ye first God's kingdom."

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Depend on Someone or Something: It’s Human Nature

If there's one thing we don't fully understand, it is our nature to depend on someone or something in times of need. A child depends on his or her mother, for example, and the mother on her job or parents. Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

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going crazy something unenlightened confusing

Going Crazy for Something Unenlightened, Confusing

If psychiatry has been a perfected science already, then why are there so many people having mental disorder today of whatever form? I should say that knowledge of the God of the Holy Bible has already saved thousands, or even millions, of people from depression or anxiety disorders--from committing suicide! Going crazy? Crazy thoughts are tranquilized by a real faith in Jesus Christ, who said: "Come to Me...I will give you rest."

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