things we need different

7 Things We Need to Do to be Different from the Crowd

There's a principle that you can only achieve differently if you'll start to do things differently. Thus, evaluate your strategies, for example, in your business the past twelve months and the goals you did touch through them. Or, with regard to your dealings with your superiors if you're an employee: how far have you established good relationship in your work place? How's your leadership in your own family?

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happiness christ better experienced than explained

Happiness in Christ is Better Experienced Than Explained

Joy or positive emotions that we habitually experience with our inner being defines happiness. Such emotion, therefore, of delight and bliss starts from within us rather than by the stimulus that has caused the sense of satisfaction. You have a joyful experience seeing your grandchild, for example, an emotion that your wife does not share since she disliked her daughter-in-law very much. Caused outwardly at the surface by a particular stimulant, your happiness or unhappiness remains a subjective and personal option. Succinctly, it is you who choose to be happy!

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truly happy life

Truly Happy and Peaceful in this Life?

The problem with most rich people starts when money becomes their god---their source of power and protection. Most of them live life in turmoil and confusion. They are not truly happy and peaceful in life. God said that He will add no sorrows to your wealth only if you believe it as God's blessing to you. "It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it," says Proverbs. Without faith that God owns everything, then we could never be happy in this life.

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understanding erotic love

Understanding Erotic Love—A Key Relationship Builder

There are four types of love: 1) Philia or close friendship or brotherly love (Romans 12:10); 2) Agape or selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love (e.g. Christ's love - John 14:21); 3) Eros (erotic) or physical and sensual love, e.g., between husband and wife (1 Corinthians 7:8-9; 4) Storge or family love (Exodus 20:12). Understanding erotic love is a key relationship builder. In this article, I want to explore on erotic or eros love.

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financial education

Financial Education Improves Economy

Ten lottery winners were studied and found out that they were unprepared for success and wealth. Hence, we badly need a little financial education. For all of these winners returned to poverty naturally, since the large sum of money they won corrupted them. "Daydreams of a millionaire lifestyle," wrote someone, "seem to have a habit of turning sour faster than a sub-prime mortgage–-isolation, paranoia, drugs, crime,

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divorce answers bad marriage

Divorce Answers Bad Marriage

Divorce is needed when the marital union only brings harm to the life of the spouses and the children as well. Otherwise, divorce should not be taken as an option for mere incompatibility or misunderstanding.

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