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7 Things We Need to Do to be Different from the Crowd

There's a principle that you can only achieve differently if you'll start to do things differently. Thus, evaluate your strategies, for example, in your business the past twelve months and the goals you did touch through them. Or, with regard to your dealings with your superiors if you're an employee: how far have you established good relationship in your work place? How's your leadership in your own family?

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husband love kept forever because of her

Husband’s Love Kept Forever Because of Her

How to keep your husband's love? Or, where shall we get the wisest counsel on how to make your man continue to love you? Of course, the light always comes from the Holy Bible. Martin Luther (where the Lutheran church got its name), for example, has this piece of advice: "Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave." To keep your husband's love is not difficult at all if you are the typical Bible-described wife. God said that the woman must obey her husband.

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lead a quite life
truly happy life

Truly Happy and Peaceful in this Life?

The problem with most rich people starts when money becomes their god---their source of power and protection. Most of them live life in turmoil and confusion. They are not truly happy and peaceful in life. God said that He will add no sorrows to your wealth only if you believe it as God's blessing to you. "It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it," says Proverbs. Without faith that God owns everything, then we could never be happy in this life.

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crab mentality

Crab Mentality, Or the Culture of Pulling Down

One black American friend of mine told me that his problem is the "crab mentality" of his relatives. I think this problem is true in all cultures, for it stems from our nature to be envious and covetous or our nature to love what's not ours. Like crabs, we tend to pull down to our level anyone who will rise above us from among our clan members. As a family, we want our relative who's richer than we are to help us and pull us out from  where we are.

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