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excellent wife easy to find

Excellent Wife Easy to Find

How to find an <b>excellent wife</b>? Why is it that many beautiful women have become abused or divorcees and unloved, while the ordinary-looking ones have already buried two husbands? Because of pride of their looks--that they have beauty enough to start a war! Hence, God asked: "An excellent wife [not a beautiful wife but excellent], who can find?  Proverbs 31:10.

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Cultivate Love Like Planting A Seed

Can Love be Educated or Cultivated? Loving someone you don't love at first is one of the mysteries that is in love. I knew of a good looking guy who married a widow having eight children from her first husband. Or, have you heard of a teenager marrying an old man she hated? But then later on the young girl found herself falling in love with him. In short, love can be cultured and educated. Hence, the expression, "Teach yourself to love him (or her)"

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strange thoughts misunderstanding love

Strange Thoughts Misunderstanding Love

Funny or strange thoughts about love continue to come and go like unwanted visitors of many <a href="https://bythisverse.com/future-wife-needs-love-understanding/">healthy relationships</a>. Have you heard about the so-called "5 Bs" that a man must require from a woman before deciding to marry her? I was a high schooler when I first heard some strange thoughts about love. They said that the ideal woman has "5 Bs," the acronym for 1) Beauty; 2) Brain; 3) Background; 4) Behavior; and 5) Bank Book.

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understanding erotic love

Understanding Erotic Love—A Key Relationship Builder

There are four types of love: 1) Philia or close friendship or brotherly love (Romans 12:10); 2) Agape or selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love (e.g. Christ's love - John 14:21); 3) Eros (erotic) or physical and sensual love, e.g., between husband and wife (1 Corinthians 7:8-9; 4) Storge or family love (Exodus 20:12). Understanding erotic love is a key relationship builder. In this article, I want to explore on erotic or eros love.

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