Husband’s Love Kept Forever Because of Her

husband's love

How to keep your husband’s love? Or, where shall we get the wisest counsel on how to make your man continue to love you? Of course, the light always comes from the Holy Bible. Martin Luther (where the Lutheran church got its name), for example, has this piece of advice: “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” To keep your husband’s love is not difficult at all if you are the typical Bible-described wife. God said that the woman must obey her husband.

Serious Boyfriend or Lover Undetermined by a Single Mom

serious lover boyfriend

No single mom ever knew whether her boyfriend was serious or not until she became pregnant and abandoned. Pregnancy outside marriage is becoming a progression in the Philippines today. Fatherless babies are spreading, thanks to the cultural tolerance on single parenthood. The single-mom circumstance, now adapted as a new normal, seems to invade the erstwhile conservative and reverential treatment of the Filipinos for the institution of marriage and the family.

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