testimony that grabs away christ glory honor

Spirit-filled Witnesses Impacting Real Christianity More

I heard few preachers in my life as a Christian who introduced the importance of their sermon by announcing their efforts and the many hours of research they spent in the preparation of their message. After listening, however, we were like dogs on famine mood --- learning nothing (no real spiritual encouragement and revival) from the so-called "message from God." We all need the power of the Holy Spirit, taught the Holy Scriptures, before we can be effective witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ. The temptation of most public speakers, they be pastors or not, is to deliver a discourse...

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time consciouness bars understanding eternal things

Time Consciousness Bars Eternal Life

Be enslaved, therefore, by time consciousness and consider timelessness as a prominent symbol of ignorance or academic mediocrity. Or, think about the soul as just the brain; and God, the natural product of malnutrition or sleeplessness or the analgesic of the poor.

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God's way leads us away from fanaticism

God’s Way Leads Us to the Right and Safe Path

God's way leads us to the right and safe path. Our life, being God-given, must always string along the right route for it was not designed for cut and try or hit and miss existence. Let's perpetually fix in the mind that "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

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Depend on Someone or Something: It’s Human Nature

If there's one thing we don't fully understand, it is our nature to depend on someone or something in times of need. A child depends on his or her mother, for example, and the mother on her job or parents. Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

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testimony that grabs away christ's glory and honor

Testimony that Grabs Away Christ’s Glory and Honor

Many Christians want to share their testimonies and experiences with the risen Lord Jesus Christ, especially during prayer meetings. And we don't have a problem with that because sharing a testimony is biblical. But what kind of a statement do you have: a testimony about how holy you are, and that is why God worked with you and answered all your prayers; or that when you prayed to Jesus, He showed up, because you are more faithful and more favored by God?

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