John Piper’s Damnably Heretical Born Again Teaching


One of the supreme and crucial teachings of the entire Christian doctrine is Christ’s condition for those desiring eternal life, which is to be born again. But John Piper invented a damnably heretical born again teaching.

Preaching a Great Sermon or Cow Preaching — Yelling Minus a Working Outline?

preaching great sermon cow preaching yelling

I have the opportunity of listening to a few (paid) public speakers and noticed their control of the audience. Jesus Christ, our Lord, Peter, John, the Apostle Paul, among other Bible characters, did not do cow preaching, did they? Good speakers don’t shout; neither do they bang their lectern habitually! For they can easily control their audience by their natural gift for public speaking; by their logic, their humor, their flawless eloquence, and oratory.

Extreme Pentecostalism Analyzed from the Biblical Standpoint

extreme pentecostalism praise and worship

The core doctrine of extreme Pentecostalism is that we can experience God directly (and physically!) during a worship service. The question that is worthy of biblically answering is: Does God answer to people’s emotions in a worship service? This experience is dictated by feelings and the belief of God’s presence “in our midst” as experienced by Christ’s disciples in Acts, Chapter Two.

Preacher on the Web

preacher on the web

A verse of Scripture has the power to change a life. As the traditional Bible teacher uses the classroom, so uses the Web to expound a Bible truth. It intends to be a preacher on the Web. It covers a broad range of issues or topics from culture, society, marriage, salvation, sin, soul, materialism, spirituality, Jesus Christ, heaven, hell, the saints, the church, and the things to come. Its target audience includes all those seeking for meaning in this life; those who want to know more about the God of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Lord.

Considered Faithful as a Preacher

The Lord’s church needs Spirit-appointed, Spirit-filled, and “poured-out” leaders who are considered faithful and more interested in Christ than in “Greek.”

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