extreme pentecostalism praise and worship

Extreme Pentecostalism Analyzed from the Biblical Standpoint

The core doctrine of extreme Pentecostalism is that we can experience God directly (and physically!) during a worship service. The question that is worthy of biblically answering is: Does God answer to people’s emotions in a worship service? This experience is dictated by feelings and the belief of God’s presence “in our midst” as experienced by Christ’s disciples in Acts, Chapter Two.

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God's Word proves faith christ

God’s Word Proves Faith in Christ Versus Bible Ignorance

Liberal theologians are now advancing the false teaching of believing in Christ without necessarily taking the entire Holy Scriptures as God’s Word. You may have heard someone saying "I do believe in your Christ, but I don’t believe in your Bible.” Without a shadow of a doubt, if examined through the revelations of the Scriptures, such a doctrine is misleading and distorted. God's Word proves that real faith in Christ only happens after a hugging conviction of the Bible's truthfulness and dependability. Wrote the apostle Paul that "faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." (Rom....

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know god understand more

Know God and Understand Him More

Both the Ph.D. and the unschooled believe they know God. That's why most people don't like to attend a Bible Study. "Don't teach us religion, for we too believe in God; we have our own religion; we don't need your sermon!" Yes, that's how most of us react when the subject is all about the Bible and Christ. But do we know God and understand Him from the Biblical angle?

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experiencing christ's ownership of your entire life
financial education

Financial Education Improves Economy

Ten lottery winners were studied and found out that they were unprepared for success and wealth. Hence, we badly need a little financial education. For all of these winners returned to poverty naturally, since the large sum of money they won corrupted them. "Daydreams of a millionaire lifestyle," wrote someone, "seem to have a habit of turning sour faster than a sub-prime mortgage–-isolation, paranoia, drugs, crime,

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merciful god

Merciful God Versus Human Arrogance and Fearlessness

Merciful God versus human arrogance and self-glorification. The atheists don't include faith in their intellectual and emotional menu, for the beauty of reason and science are the ones governing and adorning their mindset. I had a casual acquaintance with atheists, and I know that even cancer or heart attack or any form of death-threat cannot change their anti-God views. But for us at the other side of the road, we need to be fearful to our merciful God.

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