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Know God and Understand Him More

Both the Ph.D. and the unschooled believe they know God. That's why most people don't like to attend a Bible Study. "Don't teach us religion, for we too believe in God; we have our own religion; we don't need your sermon!" Yes, that's how most of us react when the subject is all about the Bible and Christ. But do we know God and understand Him from the Biblical angle?

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god watches

God Watches Like Father to His Son

The following poetical snippet was originally written in my Tumblr page. It is plain and no hidden meanings from the viewpoint of the universal Christian experience. Jesus Christ is giving the same faith-experience to His followers. With His indwelling Spirit in the heart, the believers in the US, in the Philippines, or in Japan (anywhere in the globe) have the same stories about how real is Jesus Christ to their lives. "As God Watches Like Father to His Son" is just the reflection on how Christ cares for His genuine followers, the born-of-God Christians.

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