life journey young woman

Life Journey: The One-Way Ticket to the Unknown World

Man’s life in this world is like a journey. His first step thus is as important as his destination. The problem is that he doesn’t know if he ever has a starting point at all other than his birth. Hence, he is but a pure stranger in this domain, for both his birth and death, are beyond his control! But he must move on nevertheless, for as long as he’s alive. There’s no turning back---there's no hitting ball back at square one. Life journey is just a one-way ticket to the unknown. We may keep it glowing or waste it...

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People Becoming the Object of Fear

People Becoming the Object of Fear Not Love

Then in the course of driving during the night, in the middle of nowhere, around 70 kilometers away from one big city, I noticed the seemingly endless thread of cars and cargo trucks. After running at full speed, all of them slowed down suddenly and then stopped as if there was something wrong some meters away. Curious, I stepped out of my car and inquired from the anxious drivers and bystanders who told me that the road couldn’t be passable as of the moment due to the overflowing flood water from the nearby river.

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kindness misunderstood as a fake virtue

Kindness Now Becoming a Fake Virtue—Used to Deceive?

Is it true that your kindness to others will always be rewarded? I don't think so. We define kindness as the tendency of being forgiving or the "quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic." A compassion that's expecting a reward or a reciprocal attitude from whom we tendered kindness is deceptive and manipulative. For kindness is to be nice to others, free of any ulterior motives at all. Someone has well said that: "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

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