life's cruelty based on human not god's wisdom

Life’s Cruelty is Seen Based on Human Wisdom, Not God’s

Life’s Cruelty is Not God’s Asked a certain man one day after learning that his loved one died in an accident: “Why is life so cruel sometimes?” I’ve been reflecting on this thought—the negative surprises of life. Is life’s cruelty a part of God’s plan? “Life is unfair!” is most people’s perception when under extreme […]

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decision moses believe god

Decision of Moses to Believe in God

What a decision was it? No man could have done it: from a Prince for 40 years to a mere shepherd in his next 40 years! But the Bible said plainly that only the power of faith could have done what Moses did! "By faith Moses," said Hebrews 11:24, and in verse 27, "By faith he left Egypt." It was all by faith.

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