Annoyingly Persistent Prayer is What God Requires

annoyingly persistent prayer

Of an annoyingly persistent prayer: Who can do it? David’s prayer to God for the recovery of his sick son with Bathsheba is one biblical example of a persistent prayer. The Bible stated that the child “was very sick. David, therefore, inquired of God for the child; and David fasted and went and lay all night on the ground. The elders of his household stood beside him in order to raise him up from the ground, but he was unwilling and would not eat food with them.” (2 Sam. 12:1b-17) Only the real believers can do such agonizingly persistent prayer!

Secret Prayer Really Works

secret prayer

Secret prayer will work for you. Secret devotion or prayer keeps man closer to God. It is also his spiritual source of strength and power. What one will find behind all true Christian successes in this world as in the case of John Wesley or Charles Spurgeon? One will discover they were men of prayer. Without intense and ceaseless worshipfulness, they couldn’t have been used so wonderfully by our Lord.

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