Jesus Christ Provides a Gift of Faith

jesus christ gift

Jun P. Espina         1 min read

Updated on February 18th, 2020

Do you have faith in Jesus Christ? Or, why do we believe in our President—why do we believe in online banking, for example? It is because we believe based on facts; or on some hard evidence of truth. But I am wondering why in spiritual matters we always find ourselves less enthusiastic to believe.  We always doubt. The apostle Peter, for example, denied Christ three times, and Thomas wouldn’t believe in Christ’s resurrection unless our Lord would appear to Him physically. Why don’t we have faith in Christ when we have all the evidence at our fingertips to prove His claims?

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Things We Need to Know About Financial Support for the Church


The prevailing biblical guideline regarding giving, however, is that Christ’s followers support the church. The haters of our Lord don’t have the moral weight to offer anything to the biblical God through His church.

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