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Jun P. Espina         1 min read

Written on December 22, 2017

Comments are most welcome but we need them to conform with ByThisVerse’s rules, namely:

1) We will delete comments that are irrelevant; are given carelessly, or are just written to offend or start an online brawl. This website aims to contain thoughts that are Bible-based. Giving an information that is well-supported with Biblical and other reliable facts is our guiding rule.

2) Since the Bible is the Word of God (you may not agree with that!), it is the truth; therefore,
it hurts! So, we expect negative comments to be a civilized atheism, and not just an outburst of a confused flow of emotions.

3) If you belong to a different denomination and have a doctrine to share through our comment box, you are appreciated until you are angry and your comment becomes less helpful.

4) Be kind and polite and limit your links.

Thank you for your interest.

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