Involve God in Our Everyday Life Through Christ

involve god everyday life

Written: December 13, 2012 | Updated on February 18th, 2020 | Jun P. Espina

Involve God

Why not involve God in our everyday life? Yes, billions of people today don’t acknowledge God, (I mean, the God of the apostle Paul and the Holy Scriptures!) in their daily routine until disease or a calamity hits them. We separate our borrowed lives from our Father God and Creator. That’s our genetic badge! Taught the Bible that “even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks.” (Rom. 1:21) We don’t call in God, the Father of Christ, in our lives. But, why?

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Salvation Through Faith in Christ

salvation faith christ

In her lifetime, Gadaria had all the opportunities to know Christ and His offer of free eternal life through faith in His atoning blood. But Gadaria did not seek the face of Christ in a way Mary Magdalene searched and waited for the risen Jesus at His tomb. Gadaria didn’t have the love of the truth; her deception by the devil had strengthened her grip on a false doctrine until her death—a doctrine that the money given to the Church through the priest can buy salvation and eternal life!

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