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Seed of the Woman Who Gave us Truth, Hope & a Future

God’s love is the message of true Christianity, and it is beautifully woven into the story of the Seed of the woman. The Holy Bible tells us the big story about this Seed. It begins with our Father God creating all things in heaven and on earth out of nothing. He embellished the boundless expanse of the universe with stars and galaxies. Through His powers, the void and formless earth then saw the shining sun as the clouds dressed the skies. He created life which then brought many things to the earth such as the music of nature during the...

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Faith Promise Giving is Unscriptural

If I were to preach Faith Promise Giving,” my first question would be: What’s God’s precise instruction concerning Faith Promise giving? Well, Faith Promise giving is without a supporting verse, for God does not “preach” it. Yesterday, I heard someone using the book of Esther in teaching this subject. And the emphasis was that Faith […]

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Faith Promise Giving: Money Making?

I believe that Faith Promise giving, as commonly preached in Christian churches in January of each year, is creating a sense of guilt in many believers. Imagine the silent pressure to sign up a Faith Promise Card (FPC) that you will give weekly a certain amount to the church throughout the year for mission work […]

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