faith builds

Faith Builds the Person, Saves a Miserable Life

Without faith, human existence would be miserable if not impossible, for in it hangs all institutions of government and society. Without it, no civilization can ever stand. Our banking system, for example, is one organization where people deposit money based on faith alone that when needed it can be withdrawn. Faith, therefore, is our most precious possession as it provides us the reasoned sense of assurance as we confront our doubts and fears. How did you know, for instance, that the guy who took your beloved wife and son to the airport was a professional cabdriver? With faith that all...

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atheism crumbles

Atheism Crumbles While the Bible Stands

A span theism crumbles as it is not part of the human design. It is like placing a non-genuine part of your car engine. A long time ago, God said that an atheist is a fool or someone engaged in self-deception. In Psalm 14:1, David said that the "fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." It seems that the atheist's belief starts with his "conversation with his heart" without the open-mindedness for the mysteries of the world around.

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